once upon a time

there was a little red wagon…

Our journey began as our founder Natalie explored the lush, tropical treeline of a coffee farm in Columbia, while on a cross-country motorcycle trip. Driven by curiosity and a fierce love of coffee, Natalie was inspired by her visit with the farmer, Don Eilas, who not only taught her about the growing process but also invited her into his home to show her how he roasted freshly harvested coffee over an open flame.  

For the next six years, Natalie cultivated her craft, experimentally roasting a variety of beans on a wide range of apparatuses. Her love of roasting (and mountains) ultimately brought her to Bozeman, Montana where she founded Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters or, as you know it now, Treeline Coffee Roasters.

What started in a frozen food truck with a beloved and legendary little roaster names Francis has now grown into a full fledged roastery with two cafes in Bozeman’s North Side Mill District and Downtown, respectively.

It's been an incredible journey of farmers markets, mobile espresso bars, and back alley shared spaces. We won't bore you with the laundry list of reasons for the name change, but simply put, Treeline exemplifies who we want to be when we grow up (plus our email addresses are shorter!).

We invite you to join us at our Roasting Room, or stop by our Downtown location where we are always eager to share our thoughtfully roasted coffees from around the world.

Roasting Room

6:30am - 5pm / 624 N Wallace

Treeline at the Lark

6:30am - 5pm / 136 W Main St