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The variety of options for backcountry food is mind boggling. With so much to choose from, hikers could fuel with a different diet, brand, or strategy every week of a thru-hike. Maybe. We haven’t actually tested this theory. If someone wants to, let us know.

While ramen and Pasta Sides have gotten many a long-distance hiker from one terminus to the other—yes, while saving money—sometimes it’s nice to switch it up, or test out more nutrient-dense options. Whether you’re eating paleo, need your daily fix of caffeine, or want to spice up your granola bar selection, these are our picks for foods you might not have heard of, or haven’t thought to try out.

Here they are, in no particular order besides the time of day…maybe. Hikers have odd eating habits.

(Good) Morning

GEO Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee

MSRP: $20 for a box of 10
0 calories per serving, but we’re here for the caffeine

geo_treeline_coffee_backpacking-700x394 (1).jpg

This is good coffee. An easy, single-serve pour-over roast that is perfect for those trips when you’re not concerned about pack weight. Each package weighs in at 0.42 ounces and is handcrafted from small batches that are globally sourced (the beans we tried were from Ecuador and Colombia). One bag brews a small mug of coffee in about two minutes. I like my coffee a little weaker, so I used a bigger cup but had trouble keeping the little legs propped up on the side.

The pourover process is simple: you open a package, tear off the top of the filter bag, set it up on top of your cup, and pour water through 3-6 times (depending on your preference). While the grinds could be left in nature to feed the nearest plant, the filter, the package and the grinds should be carried out for best LNT practices.

We loved the packaging and the ease of making a good cup of coffee in the outdoors. Don’t limit this coffee to just camping trips though – these are perfect for road trips or on Saturday mornings when you don’t have time to swing by your local shop before heading out on an adventure. If you know good coffee and can’t imagine starting a day of travel without it, this $2 cup of mobile pour-over java is perfect for you.

-Emily Pritchard


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