There are so many fun coffee gadgets and brewing devices on the market, and you can spend some mega dollars if you want to. But in my opinion, if you are going to invest in one piece of equipment, it should be your grinder! 

Quality Grinders Mean Quality Coffee

The reason for this is that you will get the most out of every cup you brew if you can grind to the appropriate coarseness. Be prepared to spend $100+ on a good burr grinder.

A burr grinder works differently than a blade grinder, creating a uniform grind, meaning the coffee grinds all come out a similar size. This can be adjusted by moving the burrs apart, creating a larger particle size, or adjusting the burrs so they are closer together resulting in a smaller size,

The issue with a blade grinder is that it chops up your beans into a million different sizes. The fines (dust-like coffee) will over extract when brewed, bringing out bitter flavors, and the boulders (large bean chunks) will under extract, bringing out sour flavors, making an inconsistent and unbalanced cup of coffee.  

Some days your coffee might be great, but more often than not, it’ll taste wildly different from day to day. How frustrating!

Note: There are other variables that go into making the perfect cup of coffee. Ratios of coffee: water, water temperature, filtered water…But don’t worry! We will get into those details in later posts.

While purchasing a nice grinder is a larger up front investment, you will save money, time and a headache in the long run by brewing a more consistent cup. Your beans will also go further, as you won’t need to updose in order to achieve the that rich flavor you are looking for. 

Our favorite burr grinders:

There are lots of grinders out there to choose from! We love Baratza and carry the Encore, Virtuoso and Sette in our Roasting Room.

You can check them out online here, or stop by our shop for more details!

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Natalie Van Dusen