the treeline way



We believe that the ultimate coffee experience is with a coffee that you love.  

As unique as we are in life, each coffee lover has unique preferences when it comes to the region of origin, roast technique, flavor profile and brewing method. 

For this reason, we create coffee for coffee lovers.  It is our goal to thoughtfully source, fearlessly roast, and meticulously brew these specialty grade coffees to provide you with an unforgettable coffee experience, every time. 

We want the best and we want you to have it, too.

Our name reflects our commitment to bringing you an incredible coffee experience in each cup. By sourcing specialty grade coffees from around the globe, we aim to support the farmers who bring quality coffees to the table so that they can continue to thrive. From the tropical Treelines of Colombia and Panama, to the evergreen Treelines of our beautiful Montana home, we are thrilled to have a name that conveys our core values: deeply rooted partnerships and a relentless dedication to crafting coffee that fuels you for the adventure ahead.

To us, the word "treeline" represents our home. 

Our community.  Relationships and experiences.  Growers.  Explorers.  Adventurers.  

It represents an audacious spirit, and the quest to live an uninhibited life spent out of bounds, and this is how we hope that our coffee is enjoyed.  Without limits.

for more details on our name change visit Natalie's blog post.