We are stoked to introduce a decaf that we are really proud of! This decaf come from Finca Planadas, one of our Colombian partners. It's decaffeinated in Colombia using a natural sugar water process. This coffee has a sweet brown sugar flavor that sure not to disappoint. It we didn't tell you it was decaf, you probably wouldn't even's that good! 

The Planadas region is rich in agricultural production, including coffee, and other crops that make this region an important source of agricultural products for the central region of Colombia.The region is nestled in the central mountain chain of Colombia called Cordillera Central. The town is situated on the eastern face of the mountain chain facing the Magdalena valley, a dry and hot region that is crossed by the main river of Colombia.

This area was inhabited by ancient aboriginal tribes that settled there before the conquer of the Spaniards. Recent history begins in the 1930´s when a Jesuit priest promoted the migration of some neighboring communities.
Our coffee comes from an association of small farmers AGPROSEM that stands for Association of farmers and coffee producers of specialty coffee of Montalvo at Planadas. The association is made up of 39 small coffee growers that got together to improve the quality of the coffee produced in the region, and to get better prices on their coffee through the negotiation power that the associative model gives them.
Currently the association is involved in training programs targeting its associates to promote better farming and environmental practices and water conservation.

  • Growing Altitude: 1500-2100M
  • Varietals:  Castillo (60%) - Caturra -Typica (40%)
  • Processing Method: Washed
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