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This coffee blossom honey comes from Guatemala. In this region of the world, farmers rely on their coffee harvest to provide for their families over the entire year. Like any fruit tree, coffee tress start with a beautiful flower before the coffee cherries grow. The use of bees in coffee growing has been a crucial step in helping the buds set and allows for the coffee tree to blossom. Each blossom represents a coffee cherry, unique and beautiful, and also vital for the coffee farmer. These farmers position their hives within the coffee plantations allowing the bees constant access to the coffee blossom nectar.  Just like with coffee the equipment and processes make all the difference. The Coffee Blossom Honey is one of the most regulated honeys in Guatemala. To be considered honey from Coffee Pollen, the apiaries must be within 1 km of the primary nectar source and the harvest must happen right after the blossoms fall.  


This honey has a sweet, smooth buttery flavor with soft floral notes. You can enjoy it straight from the stick or on your morning toast. We think this honey makes a wonderful gift!

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