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Fincas Maputo, Hakuna Matata, and Rancho Tio Emilio, are owned and operated by Henry and Verena Gaibor. Henry, a veteran war trauma surgeon, is as precise and committed to coffee as he once was in the emergency room. Henry met Verena Blaser, a war nurse from Switzerland, in Bujumbura, Burundi in 1996 while they were both volunteering for Doctors Without Borders and United Nations. Henry also worked in Maputo, Mozambique from 1992 - 1996 during the civil war conflict. In 1998 they returned to Quito, Ecuador and managed their own clinic for 13 years. They have since retired and have dedicated their skills to producing coffee in Henry's home country of Ecuador. Henry is extremely methodical with his coffee production and is just as dedicated and passionate as he once was with his profession. Verena manages processing to maintain the exemplory coffee quality Henry has cultivated. They are doing everything right when it comes to picking, processing, and drying and have produced wonderful coffees.

Henry and Verena produce their coffee in La Perla, Nanegal, located in the up and coming region northwest of the Pichincha Province, close in proximity to Colombia. The area where their farms are located has a very particular microclimate; even though it’s only at 1350 masl, the unique climate produces extremely high quality coffee. Humidity levels are high and mist usually covers the coffee fields in the afternoons. Temperatures at night drop significantly with respect to temperatures during the day.

Maputo is Henry and Verena's main farm with about five years in production. It is quickly growing year over year.

Hakuna Matata is a neighboring farm to Finca Maputo that Henry recently acquired. It was previously named "La Nube" and the Gaibor's renamed it to "Hakuna Matata"— a phrase they became quite familiar with during their time together in the emergency room in Mazambique.

Rancho Tio Emilio is owned by Henry’s brother, Jose Gaibor. His late father was Emilio Gaibor and hence the name of the farm. Jose is an infant heart surgeon. He visits his farm on the weekends and spends time with his family and Henry and Verena.

  • Growing Altitude: 1350m
  • Varietals: Typica
  • Processing Method: Washed
  • Region: La Perla, Nanegal, Pichincha
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Hakuna Matata.jpg
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All coffee is shipped as whole bean unless otherwise requested.