COUNTRY / Ethiopia
GROWER / Mustefa Abululesa
REGION / Gomma District 

Koye Farm is a gem within Western Ethiopia’s Gomma District (near Agaro) and the larger Oromia region. 

Mustefa Abalulessa Abagibe not only owns Koye Farm,  he carefully processes his coffee cherry down to high quality seed that is then distributed to highland farmers the region over. When touring Mustefa’s facility one can marvel at the rows and rows of dried parchment (seeds) covered in fine ash to inhibit mold growth while in storage before planting.

Before much of the undergrowth was cleared to farm coffee, this jungle parcel at almost 7,000 ft elevation was a hideout for Mustefa’s father, Abalulessa, a guerrilla fighting against The Derg - the oppressive military government of the time. Having failed to capture him and lost soldiers trying, the government turned to the local community with a bounty. His health deteriorating and near death, Abalulessa turned to an old friend and, as thanks for nursing him through his final months, told him to tell the government he had killed him, and thus benefit from the bounty. Abalulessa died in 1977 (when Mustefa was two) and as part of an amnesty and reconciliation program, the government gave the land of the current farm to Mustefa’s family, which he now farms (along with another plot 7km away).

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