GUATEMALA - Finca El Durazno


Finca El Durazno directly translates to “Peach farm” in English, which is exactly why Octavio Camposeco, gave these beans this name. His coffee trees are grown on his peach farm, El Durazno, in the city of Huehuetanango. 

Nested in the high mountains of the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, the coffee beans of this region are cultivated up to 6,500 in elevation.  The remoteness of this region requires producers to process their own coffee, which has helped shape a diverse micro-lot economy. 

This year is the third year that El Durazno has been exporting coffee, and only the second year they have been separating their beans per varietal. The Caturra varietal has been selectively hand picked during its harvest months of December to April. The beans are then fully washed and patio dried on their property.

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