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RWANDA - Buremera CBC

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CBC was founded in 2004 and is governed by three branches: an administrative board, a management team, and a general assembly. Vincent Ngarambe is the Manager and Luhinyula Joseph is the President.

The organization’s leaders give seminars in organizational management and agronomy, and teach the producers they buy from about fertilizers and other ways to improve the quality of their coffee. CBC employs three agronomists to assist farmers. Most CBC farmers own their land and in addition to coffee, they plant diverse crops such as soy beans, sweet potatoes, cassava, and bananas. CBC is located in Rwanda’s Southern province, in the Huye district, in the southwestern part of the country. It is a mountainous region and the CBC farmers live at high altitudes where the average temperature is around 65-70°F. The microclimate is characterized by its high altitudes, acidic soils, and two annual periods of rainfall. These natural conditions contribute to the cup's sweet, fruity flavors. The region is close to the Nyungwe National Park, a tropical forest famous for its primate and bird diversity.

The coffee harvest takes place once a year, when the CBC farmers pick the ripe, red cherries which are then collected through the organization’s subgroups. Next, the cherries undergo wet milling in the company’s four washing stations and head to raised drying tables to dry. After drying, the beans in parchment are stored in warehouses at each washing station for the resting period. Throughout the process, the beans are cupped for quality control at a CBC cupping laboratory in Kigali. The coffee beans are trucked from the washing station warehouses approximately 170 kilometers to the dry mill in Kigali. The beans then have a long journey out of land-locked Rwanda to the port in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Location: Buremera, Southern Province
Altitude: 1800 meters
Varietals: Bourbon
Process: Washed
umber of Members: 2300

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