V60 Copper Dripper 02

V60 Copper Dripper 02


The Hario V60 is made in Japan and is comprised of a copper cone, handle and base. This is a fantastic, easy to use pour-over device that makes an excellent cup of coffee with style!


  1. PRESOAK the paper filter. This will help remove any particulates in the filter that will affect the taste of the coffee.

  2. GRIND. Typically use a medium-fine grind. There are a few different grinds recommended here depending on your pour-over device, and your preference.

  3. ADD GROUNDS to the wet filter and pour in just enough water to cover the coffee entirely. Allow fresh coffee to “bloom” for about 30 seconds.

  4. ADD WATER. Once the bloom starts to fall, you can begin slowly pouring in the remaining water. Using a kettle with a narrow spout will make this easier. Start pouring in the center, making a circular motion. Slowly work your way outward, but not so far as to pour water onto the filter. Try and maintain a slow and steady stream of water keeping it from the top of the filter, and moving so the water is being distributed throughout the cone. Once you’ve added the desired amount of water, let it pass through the filter. Ideally, at the end you will have a flat bed of grounds. Enjoy!

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