Caramel / Red Grape / Lemon

Caramel / Red Grape / Lemon


Country: Brazil

Region: Soledad de Minas, Minas Gerais

Producer: Chapada

Noteable: Carmo Best Cup

Processing Method: Natural

Elevation: 1000–1300 m

Experience: Caramel flavor and red grape with coffee cherry and lemon flavors; sweet with lots of winey acidity and a smooth mouthfeel

Before he turned to coffee production, Marcus Vinicius Souza de Carvalho was a professional soccer player in the 1980s and '90s, playing with football clubs like Vasco de Gama. His wife, Maria Jose Barros Junqueira, was from a coffee-farming family, and when her father passed away, Marcus retired his cleats and began coffee farming. He studied everything he could that was related to coffee, consulting with agronomists and following the development of specialty coffee in Brazil very closely. He was shocked that Brazil's many coffees were still given somewhat generic classifications, and sought to change the general perception by focusing on quality and differentiation.

When his wife died tragically in a car accident in 2013, Marcus considered selling the farm, overcome with grief. He decided instead to put even more focus on the farm, as a tribute to his wife and her influence on his entrance into coffee farming. He is a hands-on manager at Sitio Chapada, and he also coaches football for the underprivileged youth of Carmo de Minas who participate in a program spearheaded by Carmo Coffees, called CriaCarmo.

Sitio Chapada is a 60-hectare farm with 50 hectares planted in coffee—very small compared to the 100–1,000-hectare farms commonly found in Brazil. Marcus grows Yellow Catuai, Red and Yellow Icatu, Mundo Novo, and Acaia on his farm, as well as bananas.

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