Plum / Chocolate Syrup / Sherry

Plum / Chocolate Syrup / Sherry


When I got an email from our importers in Portland asking if we wanted to be the only roaster in the world to receive this small lot of not only woman grown, but 100% female supply chain coffee, my answer was of course “Yes Please!!”

This coffee is from a long standing partner of our importer, Sustainable Harvest. It comes from Federacion Campesina del Cauca (FCC) in Popayan, Colombia. 

Sustainable Harvest’s quality control manager, Yimara, grew up in Popayan and her parents are producers who sell their coffee to FCC. Before joining  Sustainable, Yimara was the lab manager for FCC. This specific lot is 3 bags of a certified organic, natural processed coffee from producer Liliana Lozano, who runs an amazing and innovative farm. 

Apart from being a woman-grown coffee, what makes this coffee unique is that every person managing the export/import/roasting of this coffee is also a woman: the cupper at FCC, our export contact, the supply manager in Colombia, the cuppers in Portland, the sales reps, our roaster etc. We thought this would be an awesome opportunity to share these women’s amazing coffee and craftsmanship with you!  And on top of that, it’s freaking delicious!

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**Don't Forget! These beans are green right now! We need you to place your order, so we can roast it especially for you and ship FRESH on Tuesday . Wait, tell me more…

At Treeline we like to keep it fresh. All coffees ordered are roasted, packaged and shipped on demand each week on Tuesdays. Orders must be placed before 5 a.m. PST in order to have your coffee shipped that week, because as much as we like to think we are awesome - we are not awesome enough to predict what you might be ordering.

All orders after this time will ship the following week. If this seems like a SUPER long time to wait for caffeine (don't worry, we get it) please leave us a note and we will do everything in our caffeinated power to sort you out. 

Due to our cafes being extra needy, we roast some coffee other times in the week as well - if your coffee happens to be the same coffee that they are getting, consider yourself a winner-winner-chicken-dinner because we will probably ship earlier then we just told you we would.