Nougat / Milk Chocolate / Toasted Peanut

Nougat / Milk Chocolate / Toasted Peanut


Country: Guatemala
Lot: Volcan de Acatenango
Certifications: Fair Trade Organic
Processing: Washed
Experience: Rich and earthy on the nose. Smooth, syrupy sweet body.

This lot comes from Asproguate, an NGO comprised of farmers and agronomists who have partnered to improve the quality and market access of smallholder producers in several regions of Guatemala.

Asproguate has 15 "inspectors" who are trained by a head agronomist to work with farmers in three different regions of Guatemala: Coban, San Martin, and Acatenango. The inspectors conduct trainings for farmers 14-16 times per year, mostly supporting their Fair Trade Organic certification but also supporting them to start small side businesses, like shampoo and clothing lines, utilizing resources available on their land. These inspectors also deliver fertilizers to producers and collect coffee cherries for further processing and export.

Each year, Asproguate holds one major assembly where 4-5 representatives from each community, roughly 260 members, come together to vote on how to use their Fair Trade premium. The rest of the year, a board of eight farmer representatives, the lead agronomist of NGO, and the leader of the NGO collectively govern Asprogute's operations.

This unique model has helped Asprogaute scale its farmer training outreach, improving livelihoods and coffee quality at the same time.

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